Types of FLR

Every FLR is not the same, maybe similar but not exactly the same.

Each relationship is designed by the individuals in accordance to their needs and desires. Typically the couple will have many conversations discussing their needs and desires before potentially creating a written agreement / contract between them. 

Although, not every couple has a written agreement/contract. It is a personal choice like every aspect of the relationship. 

A written agreement/contract is not an absolute must have. 
However, it is an asset to the relationship. It assist the couple to have a blueprint of their wishes as they agreed to originally. 
It is a guide to help them through their personal journey. 

As the couple see fit they can adjust the agreement/contract in accordance to their personal choice. 
Typically the agreement/contract has a time frame in which they have agree to look back over the agreement/contract or it is simply discussed at some point that they have advanced in their journey and they agree or the Female decides to make adjustments to the agreement/contract. 

Again this will be decided by the couple in their initial setting up of the relationship. 

-Miss M.

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