Photography in FLR

There is no doubt that for the male in a FLR, sexual stimulation (in whatever form) is a major driver of his submissive emotions. However the Female in a FLR decides to deal with this is a personal decision. But, She should definitely be aware that Her male's motivation to submit to Her will is based in his primal sex drive. This blog has many examples of the more overtly sexual forms of dominance, but sometimes it is the subtlest of these that are the most effective (and perhaps the most appealing). 

Photography is a good example.

Why is it that, stereo-typically, men take and ogle at photographs of nude women in various vulnerable poses, while women taking and enjoying pictures of nude men in vulnerable poses is rare? It may be because male and Female brains respond differently to visual stimuli. It turns out that visual stimuli like photographs are more likely to arouse a man sexually than a woman. 

For a submissive man like me, it is photos of dominant women, in dominant poses that appeal to me. I often find myself wanting to kneel before her or kiss her feet in submission. And yes, these pictures arouse me sexually...

So, what would it look like if a dominant woman turned the table and took photos of submissive men- or her sexual conquests? Would she have them nude and making submissive poses for her? 

The answer is that it would be up to Her. Based on the science, it is more likely that She would be taking the picture for her man to ogle at, rather than for Herself. For this reason She might want to include herself in the picture so that her male can appreciate Her beauty and dominance over him.

Happy shooting!  



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