Submissive Eduction in FLR


Teaching, or more accurately, retraining, your man is an important part of a successful FLR relationship. Even if he is mature and experienced, it is very likely that he has many bad habits that he needs to lose to make a good servant for you. 

First, it is important to  make it clear who is in charge and who is her servant. This woman has chosen to train her man in the art of cunnilingus by having him kneeling at her feet naked and in a submissive posture. Not allowing him to use his hands assures that he has no control.

He seems eager to serve his woman- maybe this is a reward for being obedient. What is clear is that she is leading him and teaching him how to please her; something that may be humiliating to a mature man, but is part of the process. Some men might actually welcome this instruction!

This is the essence of a Female Led Relationship.

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