The Erotic Nature of FLR Discipline

I must confess that I find this scene of FLR discipline very erotic. I think many men and maybe some women might share in this. What is it that makes it so erotic? Are these things that can be used in a healthy FLR relationship?

CFNM: His nude body, contrasting with her clothes, is a perfect visual representation of the F/m power dynamics that are at play: He is naked and vulnerable. She is dressed and in control. It does not have to be fetish clothing. She could be dressed in jeans and a tee shirt and still be prevailing over her naked charge.

Age Play: It is obvious that he is much older than she. Imagine the humiliation he must be feeling being punished by a woman who could be his daughter's schoolmate. It could also be the other way around, where she is old enough to be his mother's friend. Even if their physical ages are the same, their roles of teacher and schoolboy still makes him feel her junior.

Female in control: Watch how she looks at him after each swat. She is enjoying her power over this older man. She is amused...and yet, making sure he is fully grasping her power.

Male Submission: There are few positions that are more submissive than where this man finds himself. First, he has his buttocks high up and vulnerable for her pleasure. She can stroke his cheeks and even play with his anus. She can even reach down between his thighs and grab his scrotum and cock. 

Sexual Humiliation: Whatever pain this woman is inflicting on this man, it doe not match what she is doing to his masculinity. As he lies naked and helpless across her lap receiving her blows, he is no longer a mature man, but rather a boy. His buttocks are presented to her for the taking- by her or anyone who happens to walk in. His cock, in whatever state of erection, is impotently pressed into her thigh.

Schoolboy/Teacher: No matter his age or experience (sexual or otherwise), he is now nothing more to her than a schoolboy and she, his teacher. This is such an important relationship in FLR, and this spanking only reinforces it.

S/M?: I once asked a woman I was dating if she would paddle me. She was clearly shocked and said that she was not a sadist. She went on to say that I must be a masochist if I wanted to be hurt like that. Soon after that we broke up. For a while, I really thought that she was right, and what I really desired was to feel pain. One day after striking out with a couple more girlfriends, I went to a professional dominatrix. Among the many things I experienced that day, was an over-the-knee paddling very similar to the one pictured above. What I discovered, with her help, was that the pain was only a memento of the experience, an experience that involved all the elements I have listed above, occurring at the same time. It was my first time experiencing sub-space. I no longer consider myself a masochist, or a woman who likes to punish men a sadist. I don't know what to call it. Maybe Mistress/sub or Teacher/student or simply FLR?

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  1. I agree with you that discipline is erotic and that pain is not the most important factor. I think you are right that FLR is a better description than S/M.

    My girlfriend and I are in a relationship that is only the mildest of FLRs, she is not overly dominant by nature. However, somewhat to my surprise she recently gave me a disciplinary spanking for not doing a household chore and then talking back to her when she asked me again to do it. It was not a very severe spanking, I felt no intense pain, just slight stinging, but I found the experience very erotic.

    The mere fact of being disciplined by her and submitting to her will is erotic. I find it exciting if she tells me in a firm voice to do something. I find it very exciting that she has the right to discipline me in such an intimate manner: by SPANKING me on my BOTTOM!

    Hopefully there will be some more comments from other readers?

    Barbies's boy