Confessing My Secret Perversions


All my life I felt that my submissive fantasies (and needs) with women were perversions. This was true at work, at home and especially in the bedroom. The truth is that in our society, it is taboo for a heterosexual man to be submissive, especially to women. 

All too often, when I admitted my sexual proclivities to my girlfriends (or potential lovers) they had the same reaction as the woman in this picture: a combination of amusement and bashfulness. Amused that a mature man like me would have such unmanly fantasies and at the same time too bashful to take control of me. (They may also have been embarrassed for me)

Occasionally, out of curiosity or maybe pity, my confession would persuade her to experiment. It was often awkward at first, but after getting over the initial unease, and with some giggles of embarrassment, she often began to enjoy her new role... 


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