Rules For Your Female Led Relationship

Here is one woman's rules for a FLR 
Each Woman will modify these for Her pleasure and to Her preference as She deems fit.:

1) He must obey any order you make

2) His body is yours to do what you want with.

3) He must service you sexually in any way you like at any time you feel like it.

4) He is not allowed an orgasm without your permission. If he is being stimulated and feels he is getting close to coming it is his duty to tell you. Denying his orgasms for longer periods of time should be the norm to maintain his interest in serving you. This is not considered a punishment, just the norm.

5) He is not allowed to ask for sexual favors from you, your pleasure should be his only objective.

6) He is not allowed to touch his penis while it is erect.

7) He is to keep his genitals and ass shaven and clean at all times.

8) Your body is his temple and it is his duty to worship it whenever you request it. This includes massages, washing you in the shower, shaving your legs and genitals (if you want them shaved) and other services you might like.

9) Touching, kissing or licking any part of your body including your feet, ass or arm pits is considered a privilege for him and he should thank you properly for it.

10) He must complete any household chore in any way you tell him to.

11) His ass is yours to play with and should be regularly penetrated to signify that you are in control of him. He must prepare any tools you wish to use and willingly submit his ass to you for easy penetration. If you do not have time to fuck him yourself, you can tell him to use a dildo or a butt plug on himself.

12) If he fails to follow your commands or please you in the manner you expect he should be punished in one of the following ways:
(Or in any way you as the Woman, deems fit, you always know what is best.)

  • Slapped across the face (minor) 
  • Pull on his balls (minor) 
  • Wear butt plug for an hour (minor)
  • Spanked across your lap (medium) 
  • Put his cock and balls in a bowl of ice (medium) 
  • Attach clothes pins to sensitive parts like his balls (medium) 
  • Rub toothpaste or menthol on his penis or asshole (medium) 
  • Slap his cock until it goes soft ( medium)
  • Whip his bare ass (major) 
  • Fucked in the ass with a large dildo (major)

The punishments above can also be done for no other reason than to amuse you, even if his behavior has been good.

13) He should be rewarded for good behavior by allowing him to kiss your ass, feet, hands or other body parts of your choice. Only on rare occasions should he be allowed an orgasm as a reward.

14) If you want to give him an orgasm, but doesn’t want to give him the pleasure you can ruin the orgasm by stopping all stimulation as he is about to ejaculate. This signifies that orgasmic pleasure is your privilege and his ruined orgasm are just needed to keep his prostate healthy and not intended to feel good.

15) Any of the above rules should be modified to your preference, as you deem best. You always know what is best for your submissive/slave.