Finding your Queen

So you want Her to be your Queen, your Goddess, your Mistress...

She holds all these titles and more.
She is a Woman, She is a Lady, sometimes She is your Wife, and even a Mother...

What I hear so often is how men get it all wrong and they wonder why they can't keep a Woman's attention.

Let Me help you.

The Short List:

If you aren't romancing Her the way She needs it.

If you are not putting in the work to show Her you are worth Her time.

If you are not putting Her and Her needs first.

If you primarily, or often want to talk about your fantasies, your desires,  your  dreams.

If you are telling Her "No" without possibilities.

If you are doing any of these listed above.
You are doing it all wrong and have the wrong mindset!

Change the way you think!

Genuinely put Her first!

Buy the damn flowers, and gifts!

Make reservations for dinner!
To Her favorite place. 
Where She will be able to relax and feel like the Lady, the Queen, the Goddess She is!

Make it All about Her!
Ask what She wants and needs!

Learn to anticipate Her needs!

Stop being so selfish!

I  find most men primarily seek a Woman who will serve them, even though they claim they seek a FLR relationship. 

This behavior and way of thinking is not going to get you a Woman for a FLR.

When you put Her first and stop putting expectations on Her to serve your kinks and fantasies you will find She may be more interested in giving you what you desire.

I'm not saying to not share what you deeply need and desire. 

What I am saying is show Her respect and prove to Her your agenda is not selfish and self centered but genuinely about Her.

Any questions?
Ask in the comments below!

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