Male Re-Education in a Female Led Relationship

When it comes to understanding what women want and need, it is certain that most men have no clue. This is especially true in our current male-centric society where women are still regarded as submissive to men and are expected to serve their man’s needs. Also, in our society, it is still considered a taboo for a man to take a submissive role in a heterosexual relationship.

  • What is your reaction to the picture above? 
  • Does it seem natural? 
  • Would it be different if the roles were reversed? 
  • Does this man seem any less masculine because he is ‘serving’ his woman’s sexual needs?

It is safe to say that even for the man who might be interested in a female led relationship, there is a lot to learn… or perhaps unlearn… before he can truly fit into the lifestyle. Not only must he learn the particular whims and pleasures of his woman/Mistress, he must also be broken of the well ingrained concepts that most men have had instilled in them.

He has to be trained to adopt as an instinct that he is there to serve his Mistress. He has to understand what it is to cede control (especially sexual control) to his woman, and at the same time find fulfillment in her sexual gratification- even when he is denied his own.

Femdom training can take many different directions, depending on the woman’s prerogative. It can be mostly domestic, making the man do the house chores or whatever else his woman commands; but ultimately the most effective is sexual re-education.

Some of the potential methods of sexual re-education include (but are certainly not limited to) corporal punishment, sexual rewards, orgasm denial, pegging, sexual humiliation and even male chastity. Many of these have been discussed in other posts, but two additional tools are particularly useful in FLR re-education: the establishment of a teacher (female)/ schoolboy (male) relationship and teaching the man to enjoy taking a sexually submissive role.

The establishment of a ‘re-education’ school (or clinic, or institute) is a good way to introduce role-playing into the relationship- and introduce the man to the his new Teacher. Even if the man is older and more sexually experienced than the woman, he is still ignorant of how to behave in his new role and this immediately puts his Mistress/teacher in command. The woman might want to lay down the rules for her new pupil and back it up with a list of rewards and punishments depending on his progress.

The punishment can vary depending on the woman’s preference. The more strict might include corporal punishment, while the more demure woman might choose orgasm denial. Rewards should mostly have a sexual aspect, but designed to make it clear that the woman is now in charge of his sexuality. Rewards might include being allowed to masturbate in front of his Mistress or be allowed to pleasure his Mistress (any way she chooses).

 The idea of a 're-education school' might also help the woman learn to become comfortable in her new role as Teacher and Mistress. She might consider enlisting the aid of a more experienced woman to help her overcome some of her own deeply entrenched submissiveness. For example, many women might feel uncomfortable disciplining her man or using a male chastity device on him. Having another woman act as a mentor can be very helpful for the Teacher-In-Training, and for her student. 

Finally, another important component of a man’s sexual reeducation should include experiencing the pleasure of ceding sexual control to his woman. For some women this might simply be denying orgasm for long periods (or even locking his manhood in a male chastity device) and then allowing him an orgasm under her conditions. But probably the most effective way to have him experience loss of control is by being taken by the woman with a dildo- preferably with a strap-on dildo . (This is called pegging and is further discussed here).

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