The many aspects of sexual Female Led Relationships (FLR)

FLR is all about putting the woman first; and the FLR lifestyle now permeates every aspect of human relationships: from Social to Domestic to Sexual. Socially, women have gotten leadership positions over men in the workplace and in government. And domestically it is no secret that many marriages are female led. But it is the sexual aspect of FLRs that remain most taboo in our society.

  • How do you react to the photo above? 
  • What do you think of the woman? 
  • What do you think of the men at her feet? 
  • Are you shocked (or maybe even disgusted) by the implications?

Although the picture implies a certain measure of BDSM, like the FLR lifestyle, it implies so much more. In this picture, there is aspects of Goddess worship, humiliation, and devotion to woman-  all key components of the female dominant lifestyle.

Below I have compiled a list of some of the various components of sexual FLR and a brief description of what each means to me. Each item with a hyperlink will guide you to a more detailed photo/post on the subject (these will be added and updated as they become available).
This is only a partial list of aspects of FLRs- so please feel free to comment on the ones below or suggest others:

Goddess Worship:

This is the worship of a woman as a Goddess. It can be simply metaphorical or can truly be a religious experience (especially from the man’s point of view). The photo above comes close to representing this.

Orgasm Denial:

This is one form of ‘Discipline’ (the D in BDSM) where the woman denies her man permission to have an orgasm. This can be anywhere from a few minutes (during intense teasing and sexual stimulation), to days, weeks or months. This Discipline serves to establish the woman’s control over her man and often leads to extremely intense orgasms for her charge when she finally grants him permission.

Male Chastity:

This is an extreme form of orgasm denial that can be simply not allowing the man to have an orgasm (for a specific amount of time) to locking his penis in a cage sometimes called a ‘male chastity device’. Some devices simply prevent erections while others may have urethral ‘plugs’ or painful barbs. Male chastity can be used in many ways by the woman (this will be discussed later), but for the man it is a constant reminder that his manhood belongs to his woman.


In FLRs, cuckolding is the subjugation of a woman’s sub-male to watching and/or knowing about her sexual encounters with other (usually well endowed) men- or women. For the sub-male this demonstrates to himself and to his woman his sexual inadequacy and is a form of sexual humiliation (see below). For the woman it is a form of both submission (to the well endowed man) and dominance… with a little mental sadism.


In FLR, pegging usually consists of the woman using a strap-on dildo in anal intercourse with her sub. For the woman, this is the ultimate in sexual control and power, and for the sub-male it is often the ultimate in sexual humiliation and submission. For the couple, it is a sexual role reversal that allows the man to understand the true meaning of ceding sexual control and the woman to relish it.

Feminization / Cross-dressing:

This is the practice of having (often forcing) the man to dress and be made up like a woman. It is a form of sexual humiliation and sexual re-education (see below) that is most effective in men who have been misogynists or male chauvinists in their prior roles. It essentially forces the man to experience the sexual humiliation and degradation that he would have inflicted on the women in his life. Of course there are many men who enjoy cross-dressing for other reasons that may have nothing to do with FLR...

Sexual Humiliation:

This is a major aspect of FLRs; and often one of the most erotic!
It can span from feminization to pegging to cuckolding to corporal punishment and beyond…

It cuts deep into a man’s sexuality and masculinity, exposing him to a most intense intimacy with his woman. In many ways it is a process that eventually leads to the sexual re-education of the man. Even though many women might not realize it, men often find sexual humiliation an extremely erotic experience…

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture):

Although this is mainly a form of Sado-Masochism, it is often used in FLRs. A woman might flick the man scrotum with her finger if she is unhappy with his erection or she might use a small crop (sometimes called a penis whip) to ‘correct’ a man’s attitude, arousal or misbehavior.

Corporal Punishment:

Although often considered BDSM, this can be a very powerful tool in FLR to define the dominant female and the submissive male roles. There are many forms, including caning, paddling, whipping and spanking. In the picture above, each groveling male shows signs of having endured corporal punishment at the hand of their Goddess.

CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male):

The use of nudity as a sign of subservience of the male and clothing as a sign of privilege in the woman is a very effective way to define the FLR relationship. There is much symbolism in this practice, but the bottom line is that it defines the male as a sex object while the dressed woman is now the ogler- an instant role reversal. It also makes the man more exposed vulnerable. Each man in the picture above feels all of these...

Financial Domination:

This is the practice that ranges from men giving ‘tributes’ to a woman to a long standing relationship where the man supports the woman in the ‘lifestyle fit for his Princess’. 

Sex Role Reeducation:

This is a rather nebulous aspect of FLR that often depends on the woman, the man and their relationship. It is the concept that most men in current society have been raised in male dominated sexual roles while the woman has been encouraged to be submissive. Re-education (for both parties) can use any of the above aspects of FLR to establish and re-enforce the new roles of Woman over man. It can also employ all aspects of BDSM- but especially the Discipline portion. Since FLR is usually a continuing relationship, I believe this may be one of its most important tools to keep the relationship clear and exciting.

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  1. I see the woman as openly and without apology enjoying her stable of nude submissive males with bright red bottoms that indicate her displeasure as they humble themselves to show their respect and subservient status.

    Your list of sexual devices that can be used to push submissive males deeper into submission is exciting and the way it humiliates a submissive male such as myself to admit he has learned to find many of these things exciting and gifts a dominant woman can grant obedient servants.